Luxury Village Inaugurated on Madeira Island

Yesterday the President of Madeira Island, Alberto João Jardim, inaugurated Palheiro Village, a small development of 37 luxurious apartments built just below the Palheiro Golf Course.

The President commended the village as one of the best developments he had ever seen. Coming from a man who has inaugurated pretty much all of the modern or semi-modern developments on this island that says a lot.

The village consists of: 8 T1 Apartments, 25 T2 Apartments, 2 T3 Apartments, 38 T3 Houses, 6 T4 Houses, 1 pool, 1 meeting room for the condominium and 2 fractions destined to become offices and stores.

All of the village is blessed with something that not even all of the money put into the fine-craftsmanship of the luxurious estates can buy, an extremely beautiful and long look over the city bay, and most of the southern coast.

This development is the first, on Madeira Island, to have a fractional freehold service, in which 4 owners will own the house or the apartment during 3 months. This is a modern concept that allows people to purchase a vacation home for only a fraction of the price, but still gives them full ownership rights during their stay.

In the middle of the village there will be an area where all of the residents can meet and a large swimming pool where they can enjoy themselves during those hot summer days.

It was also announced during the inauguration that a Spa would be added next to the Casa Velha do Palheiro Hotel that all residents of the village may use, and construction should be finished before the send of the first semester of 2009.

At a 5 minute car ride from the city center, and a 10 minute ride until the calm beaches of Garajau, this villa is situated in the perfect location, as it’s not too far from either the city, beach, or countryside, and therefore shares benefits of the whole three.

If you are interested in finding out more about this development then you should head to the Palheiro Estate web site, where you can find all the information you need.

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