Innovative new CMS website solution for Real Estate Agents


All too often Real Estate agencies complain about the costs involved in running their sites. Many agencies run expensive web solutions that require the purchase of a license and incorporate monthly or annual payments, maintenance costs and setup fees.

CMS Real Estate has been developed specifically for the property market and has been crafted around the award winning CMS Joomla framework.

Chris Szabo, MD of Navega Bem explained “We specialize in the the design and development of quality CMS websites. That means we create websites that you can update yourself without any technical experience whatsoever and without our help.”

“Utilizing the award winning Joomla 1.5 as the framework of your web site in conjunction with our ‘CMS Real Estate‘ component, you can run a multilingual CMS Real Estate Agency website that you can manage from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection and a standard browser.

We provide a complete, ready to launch website that includes a unique design (we don’t use templates), initial search engine optimization and pre-launch marketing. All you have to do is add or import your properties and off you go. It’s that easy! And there are no license fees, no monthly fees, no maintenance fees or set-up fees.

Additionally, all our sites are professionally optimized and marketed to rank high in the search engines – because regardless of how attractive your web site looks or how much you paid for it, if it can’t be found, it won’t be getting any visitors.”

CMS Real Estate can be seen in demonstration at:

Navega Bem – Web Design‘ is a highly reputable web design and development company based on the sub-tropical island of Madeira,  535 miles (861 km) from Lisbon – Portugal.